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We exist to re-establish truth by being a drink offering to the world. In re-establishing truth, we’re seeking (Lord willing) to teach biblical truths free of traditions and practices that may have prevented its presentation and obedience across the body of Christ. Being a drink offering to the world is a personal commitment of each disciple to live in godliness and obedience to God. Through a disciple’s life example and testimony, his or her good works will be evident to all and God will be glorified.

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In June 1998, the Lord spoke to Hamp Lee III to send daily messages called Quick Quotes. He began sending inspirational quotes to his friends and family in the United States and Japan. After sending thousands of quotes around the world, the Lord impressed upon Hamp to start a website, Spiritual Combatants. If you would like to receive our Quick Quotes, please subscribe below or you can follow us on Twitter, @spiritualcombat.

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Commission Publishing

Commission Publishing is the publishing arm of Spiritual Combatants. Through the work and ministry of Commission Publishing, we have the ability to reach the world with sound doctrine and quality materials.




Everyday, millions of people dream of having a better life. They dream of having a better career, a home to call their own, a car that runs well, food on the table, and enough money to face to unexpected emergencies. Yet with bills piling up, rising costs, and few financial options, many of these dreams seem far out of reach. However, it's never too late to make your dreams a reality.

High-Five Finances: Five Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals is a simple five-step guide for getting a handle on your finances. From learning more about your financial standing and spending habits, being content with what you have, and even protecting you from you, you'll build a workable plan to improve your ability to meet your financial goals.

For over twenty years, I've used these five principles to improve my finances and today, I share them with you. If you're ready to have finances worthy of a high-five, please consider reading High-Five Finances: Five Ways to Reach Your Financial Goals.


Galatians 6:10As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

The good you can do for EVERYONE right now:

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People sometimes intentionally offend and persecute you. You don't have to respond in a like manner.

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Re-establishing truth by being a drink offering to the world.

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