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In June 1998, the Lord spoke to Hamp Lee III to send daily messages called Quick Quotes, inspirational quotes to his friends and family in the United States and Japan. Since then, we've sent thousands of quotes around the world to inspire people to live for God and share His love with others. If you would like to receive our Quick Quotes, please subscribe below or follow us on Twitter, @spiritualcombat.
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March 20, 2014

Commission Publishing

Commission Publishing is the publishing arm of Spiritual Combatants. Through the work and ministry of Commission Publishing, we have the ability to reach the world with sound doctrine and quality materials.



The bible is the most important book ever written. Because of its importance, it’s critical for us to understand its message. I wrote The Bible Study Blueprint: An Essential Guide for Studying God’s Word to help you study the bible. This book will provide four specific methods for studying passages of scripture. You'll learn how to find a scripture's historical and personal context, conduct in-depth word searches, develop detailed outlines, and build personal profiles.


Many people today are judged by their status through social media. Likes, shares, and views provide a sense of approval, appreciation, and acceptance. Some spend their days and nights watching their smartphones and computers, waiting for positive affirmation. But as we’re surrounded by a society which desires such attention, we cannot forget the only ‘like’ that matters.

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus shares a parable about a man traveling into a far country. He provided different talents to his servants. One servant received five talents. Another receive two. Then another one. Each servant received enough talents according to his ability.

After the man had departed, the servants with five and two talents traded and doubled what they received. However, the servant who received one talent placed his talent in the earth.

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