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Quick Quotes

In June 1998, the Lord spoke to Hamp Lee III to send daily messages called Quick Quotes, inspirational quotes to his friends and family in the United States and Japan. Since then, we've sent thousands of quotes around the world to inspire people to live for God and share His love with others. If you would like to receive our Quick Quotes, please subscribe below or follow us on Twitter, @spiritualcombat.
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March 20, 2014

Commission Publishing

Commission Publishing is the publishing arm of Spiritual Combatants. Through the work and ministry of Commission Publishing, we have the ability to reach the world with sound doctrine and quality materials.



From our earliest moments growing up, we learned to dream. We wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, race car driver, or the president. No borders existed on what could be possible for us. And between right now and someday, we looked for our dreams to become a reality.

But along the path of life, certain events and circumstances brought on discouragement, anger, and frustration. Our once limitless possibilities became limited. We only wanted a small slice of happiness for ourselves. But instead of a slice of happiness, we received a pound of persecution, trials, and tribulation.

I wrote Unless the Lord Builds the House: Living an Extraordinary Life in God to describe the life you can live between now and someday. Even within the trials and tribulation you might experience on a daily basis, there is something wonderful happening within you. God has an extraordinary life for you to live before Him and His children. And it is my prayer that you will come to see the beauty of your life as God unfolds it before you. 


February 19, 2018


Sin binds many in desperation, stress, and condemnation. Darkness keeps them in fear, shame, and guilt. But all who come to Jesus will experience something darkness will never know: freedom in the Light. Come out of darkness and turn to the Lord. Repent of your sins and He will cleanse you. (Ref. 1 John 1:5-10).

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