Empowering disciples to live faithful lives through compassion, communion, community, and commission.


Compassion is the foundation of a disciple’s life with God and man. Disciples will strive to love God with all of their heart, mind, and soul. Along with a love for God, disciples will also love others as themselves. Men and women will be identified as Jesus’ disciple through their love for others.


The word communion is translated from the Greek language as fellowship, association, intimacy, and joint participation. Communion with God is manifested from a disciple’s knowledge and love for Him. Communion is seeking the beauty and wonder of God. Communion is cultivated from a disciple’s time with God in prayer, meditation, praise, and worship.


Collectively, disciples encompass a worldwide body of believers. Disciples are made up of people from every culture, social status, and background. The community of disciples is identified by a shared belief in Jesus. Disciples often gather in smaller groups or fellowships (churches) to encourage, teach, and support one another toward a lifestyle of holiness unto God. Disciples are the representation of God and His love within the world.


Through the use of gifts, talents, acts of service, and miraculous signs and wonders, disciples are empowered and sent to places near and far to share God’s love and message with the world. Disciples partner in the history and plan of God to represent Him and share His love, mercy, and grace—for His glory, according to His will.



And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2

As a 501(c)(3) church organization, we pray it is the Lord’s will to accomplish our mission through three specific functional areas: church, education and training, and church connect. Each area is organic and will grow as the Lord provides the space and opportunity for His glory.


Spiritual Combatants’ first mission is to its local church. As the Lord grows the local church, we will labor both individually and corporately to make disciples through our Great Commission and church mission. In building the local body of believers, we will not neglect the larger body of Christ which exists around the world. We endeavor to labor with believers in our local city, state, country, and world to continue to proclaim Jesus and make disciples. Through our local church, we currently provide the following services:

YouTube Messages: Weekly inspired messages that seek to teach, reprove, correct, and instruct (2 Timothy 3:16).

Quick Quotes: Inspirational e-mail messages Monday-Friday. Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram duplicate messages. (Monday: Motivation; Tuesday: Training (Discipleship); Wednesday: Worship; Thursday: Thankfulness; Friday: Faith)

YouVersion Devotionals: Daily group readings to encourage discipleship and reading the Bible together every day.

VISION: Expand to local church services with smaller community connect groups that inspire discipleship through our mission.


To fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission and our mission, education and training are essential. Through the extension of several efforts, we pray it is the Lord’s will we will fulfill our mandate of training soldiers for Christ within the local church body and around the world.

Discipleship Training: Spiritual Combatants’ foundational purpose and teaching. Will provide discipleship curriculum and resources specifically focused on making disciples in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Leadership Training: Provide weekly and monthly messages focused on equipping church leaders with tools and resources to faithfully lead those the Lord places in their care.

VISION: Publishing Company: Partner or serve as a parent company for a publishing company to produce discipleship materials and resources to promote and fulfill our mission.

School-age Education: Develop and install worldwide, world-class K-12 bible-based charter schools.

Bible College: Establish an online fully-accredited undergraduate bible college that provides an education that is free or very low costs for its students.


Currently, it is not the purpose of Spiritual Combatants to install other Spiritual Combatants organizations throughout the country or world. It is our intention to organize, train, and equip churches worldwide through oversight, training, and fellowship as we serve in various parts of the Lord’s harvest.

VISION: Internships: provide one- to three-year internships to locally train disciples on our business and ministerial​ operations and functions.

Missions: Send local and worldwide disciples to places near and far (as the Lord wills) in promotion of the Great Commission.


In June 1998, the Lord spoke to Hamp Lee III to send daily messages called Quick Quotes. He began sending inspirational messages to his friends and family in the United States and Japan. In the following year, the Lord renamed Quick Quotes to Spiritual Combatants.

After sending thousands of quotes around the world, the Lord impressed upon Hamp to start a website in November 2005. Hamp was also given the life purpose of re-establishing truth by being a drink offering to the world. As a drink offering to the world, his life would be used as an example and testimony to re-establish a commitment to biblical principles.

In the years that followed, Hamp continued to write on his website and publish several ministry, military, and leadership books. In October 2014, the Lord called him to begin structuring Spiritual Combatants as a church ministry. On August 11, 2016, Spiritual Combatants was formed as a church organization. And on March 11, 2019, Spiritual Combatants received its 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service.


Hamp Lee III is the founding elder of Spiritual Combatants, a global church organization formed in June 1998 to empower people to live inspired lives through compassion, communion, community, and commission. He currently serves in the United States Air Force as an administrator at their top enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant. As an ordained minister operating under the spiritual gift of pastor and teacher, Hamp travels the world preaching, teaching, and serving God’s people in numerous capacities. Hamp currently resides in Montgomery, Alabama.

Spiritual Birth: April 27, 1997

Accepted Call to Ministry: January 19, 1998

Current Bible: King James Bible

Education: B.S. in Information Systems Management, University of Maryland University College. Currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Amridge University.

Favorite Book (besides Bible): Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Most Memorable Experience (besides Salvation): Watching the birth of my daughter

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Computer Graphics, and Photography

Current Profession: United States Air Force (CMSgt/E-9)

Favorite Foods: Chimichangas, my Grandfather’s ribs, and Grandmother’s Sock-It-To-Me cake

Most Memorable Christian Experience: Tres Dias

Most Influential People: Grandparents, Hamp Lee Sr. and Alberta Lee, and Father, Amir Azmar

Hamp in less than 100 characters: Disciple of Jesus (@spiritualcombat), husband, father, Airman (@thaAFSarge), and servant to all.

Spiritual Combatants. Training Soldiers for Christ.

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